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Dawn & Dusk are the recommended timings to perform Agnihotra. In this process whole rice grains has to be layered on a cow dung cake. Then add a teaspoonful of cow ghee and then lit it. The smoke emitted from the fire contains lot of medicinal value and is used in treatment of lot of diseases. The ash (Bhashma) from the fire is used to treat skin diseases, and Agnihotra performed in house is considered as a preventive measure against various diseases.
The Ash that is allowed to cool naturally is used as a home medicine in many ways:
  1. Apply the Ash in any type of skin disease. Consumption of one teaspoonful of Ash (Bhashma) in early hours with a cup of lukewarm water protects the skin. It is advised to mix two teaspoonful of Ash in bathing water. 
  2. Mix four teaspoons of Gomutra, one teaspoon of Ash in half cup of lukewarm water and consume before the meals. This helps to reduce the fat from abdomen, thighs, waist & neck area. Persons with Pitta (Hyperacidity) should consume the same after the meals. Also it is advised that while bathing apply the ash instead of soap, then after bath apply the same on fatty area as talcum powder. 
  3. In case of Diarrhea mix a pinch of Ash (bhashma) in saline solution ( salt + sugar + water) 
  4. Whenever it is possible, apply ash (Bhashma) on painful joints.
  5. People suffering from Pitta (hyperacidity) should consume bhashma with ghee and sugar before meals.
  6. To get rid of frequent cough & cold, inhale steam mixture of water & bhashma.
  7. Mix two teaspoonful of Bhashma in a glass of water. Settle the same for two hours. Then filter the water & consume. This water is effective for persons having Urine related troubles. 
  8. Bhashma is recommended for vomiting in small children and for morning uneasiness in pregnant women. Consumption of bhashma reduces the symptoms.
As there are no side effects, one can take Bhashma along with the regular medicines. Germany, Poland, Australia & America has started a research on Indian origin Agnihotra and have started the following websites for its spread: