ऋषियों ने सर्वश्रेष्ठ और सर्वप्रथम किया जाने वाला धर्म गोसेवा को ही बताया है.

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In Ayurveda, the saints had studied scientifically about PANCHAGAVYA and other useful commodities from a cow and utilizes the same in Ayurveda Medicine.
Godughda ( Cow Milk): Cow milk is suitable to consume, from an infant to an elderly person. Consumption of cow milk helps to gain strength & wisdom. Its taste is sweet and is cool & energetic. Regular consumption of cow milk helps the body to stay health & strong, is useful for elderly ones to maintain the tone. Cow milk is free from flatulence and is the most beneficial from other varieties of milk. The properties of milk change depending on the diet of a cow. A cow that consumes grass as well as other food, has strength, increased virility in her milk. That’s why it is helpful for health people. Milk of a cow that is fed with Grass is beneficial for sick persons. Consumption of Lukewarm Udder fresh Milk in early hours helps maintaining the health. It is recommended to consume udder fresh milk with moments. If it has to be consumed later on then it has to be boiled. The froth on cow milk is useful to subsidize the three effects according to Ayurveda – Vat, Cough & Pitta (Bile). Chakarakarya has included milk & ghee in the diet of a pregnant woman. Cow milk helps growth of embryo and is necessary after delivery as it is a complete food for the infants. Cow milk is useful for a wounded person. It helps to cure bleeding disorders, chronic fevers, and asthma. For treatment of Ascites cow milk is used. All the above facts when considered proves Cow Milk as an Elixir on earth.
Godhruta ( Ghee ): In Comparison with all the oily substances Godhruta (Ghee from Cow Milk) is the best. Regular consumption of the same increase wisdom, memory, thinking power, digestive power, strength, sperm strength and life. Cow milk also helps softening of the skin, adding glory, improvising vision and reducing bile. Havan – (Burning of Cow dung cake) with ghee, cleans the atmosphere making it germfree. It is recommended to use Ghee for the same, if aged, the better. Ghee that is aged helps curing eye diseases, epilepsy & physic disorders.
Ghee that is aged helps curing eye diseases, epilepsy & physic disorders.

In Ayurveda there is a special branch called PANCHAKARMA. This helps cleansing the body of toxic wastes. The medicines used for such treatment have Godhruta as one of its content & they are called by various names of Ghruta. 
For E.g:
Falghruta: useful in many Gyaenocological diseases.

Jatwadi Ghruta: helps healing wounds.

Kumkumadi Ghruta: make skin soft & fresh.

Godhruta is also used in cosmetics.
  1. Skin: When ghee is applied at body massage blood circulation increases. The skin turns soft, fresh, wrinkle free.

  2. Hair: A head massage helps hairs maintain its strength & prevent hair fall. Growth of hair is well mannered, they are soft & silky. Use of medicated ghee prevents baldness, dandruff, ageing etc.

  3. Eyes: Applying Anjan ( Surma) on eyes made from cow ghee keep the eyes cool & bright. Within no time the stress, fatigue on the eyes is relieved. And a massage with Godhura aroud the eyes after 10 minutes of applying Anjan, Cleanses Black circles around the eyes & blood circulation increases.

  4. Lips: Lip splits/cracks occurred are cured by massage of ghee on lips. Gargling with Godhutra in mouth gives exercise to the inner skin and maintains its smoothness. Mixture of Ghee, Honey, Kokam Extract, Aloe Gel & Glycerin in equal parts in a vessel is recommended. The lips are softened when this mixture is applied.

  5. Cracks on Sole: A mixture of Ghee, Glycerin, Kokam extract & Aloe Gel in equal parts is used to heel the cracks on the sole & soften the skin. First soak the feet in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes, then wash it. Later , apply the mixture on the feet.

  6. Body Massage: A ghee massage in direction towards the heart increases blood circulation, tones & softens the skin. Toxic substances are flushed out of the body resulting in health skin with a good texture & reduce excessive fat.

  7. Aroma Therapy: In this therapy Aromatic Oils combined with a base Oil is used. The proportion of these Oils varies depending on the treatment. But instead of Base Oil 
    if Ghee (Godhruta) is used then the mixture is easy to spread and is more effective.

  8. Beauty Treatment: In Beauty Treatment an Enima of Ghee is very effective.

  9. Lubrication: PANCHAMRUTA – A mixture of milk, ghee, sugar, honey, curd & sugar is good for health. This acts as a lubricant in the body and helps reduce Vata from the body…….
Godadhi (Curd): Consumption Of curd increases appetite, is healthy for heart, reduces Vata, cleanses the vessels making a free flow for fluids. Curd is a remedy for chronic cough & cold, nausea, renal disorders etc. To Cure Dandruff apply sore curd on hair, soak for some time and then wash off.
Ayurveda insist not to consume curd at nighttime.
Excessive consumption of curd can lead to diseases like Leprosy, Fever & Leucoderma.
Gotakra (Buttermilk): Buttermilk is easy to digest because its particles are minute. The taste is sour and slightly bitter & reduce Vata & Cough & increases the appetite. Buttermilk consumption proves helpful also in conditions like Piles, Irritable bowl syndrome, obstruction in passing urine and flush out toxins out of body. TAKRATISHTA, a medicine made from Buttermilk is useful for Piles, Worms and Gastric troubles.
Gonavit (Butter): Cow milk butter helps to maintain a healthy skin, good texture & increase the sperm strength. Butter purifies blood, throw away toxins, cures hyperacidity & cough and cold. This is the best for small children and elderly persons.
Gorochan: The bile stones found in gall bladder of a cow is Gorochan. Its main properties are that it increases appetite, good for peristalsis, increase wisdom, helps to regain consciousness. Also proves helpful in treatment of weakness in liver, Anaemai and Kidney Stones and is used specially in treatment for Measles.
Gomaya (CowDung): Gomaya is an effective Deodorant & Disinfectant and a good source of energy. Gomaya is considered a good mean to purify soil & air. The compost made out of cow dung is the best manure of all which results in good and healthy crop yield with a better taste. Cow dung is the one of the important ingredient in making PARPATIKALPA in Ayurveda. Black Ash, i.e.: the residue after burning cow dung cake. Is used as Toothpowder.
Gomutra (Cow Urine): Cow Urine is a good Germicide. Regular consumption of Gomutra increases the appetite as well as flush out toxic substances through sweat & urine. Applying cow urine on body reduce skin itching and is thus used in treatment for skin diseases, white patches, ascites etc. also is helpful in eye defects, diarrhea, kidney disorders, mental illness and anemia. Gomutra is solution to cure most of the disease caused by germs. Gomutra helps maintain the equilibrium between the Tridosha – Vaat, Pitta (bile) & Cough. It boosts up the efficiency of Liver and immunity. Minerals like Copper, Gold and many other are contents of Gomutra. Cow Urine itself is non toxic and helps reducing toxins.
The toxic effects of Mercury are reduced by processing the metal with Cow Urine.
Some medicines are more effectives if combined with something else. Such types are known as JAIVIKVARDHAK. Gomutra is such one of the substance, is beneficial for health, environment & economy when used. Due to JAIVIKVARDHAK the medicines boasts a higher efficiency, less quantity is required and tone down the side effects of other strong medicines.
Scientist from Central Institute of Medicine & Aromatic Plants (C.I.M.A.P), Lucknow and Govidyan Anusandhan Kendra, Nagpur, studied Gomutra as a Jaivikvardhak thoroughly and the medicines( Formulas) invented by them received its patent (No:6410059) from Unites States of America along with the rights.
A total number of sixteen minerals are present in Gomutra along with gases, acids, antibiotics & many other useful ingredients. These are required for nutrition, growth and protection of human body. Due to content of Salts of Gold, the Milk and the Ghee of cow is yellowish in color.
A medicine named GOZARAN contains all the above constituents. Consumption of this leads to a healthy heart, prevents clotting of blood, dissolves fibroma and curing of fist stage of cancer is possible. Gozaran improves digestion, increase the number of white blood corpuscles thus increasing Immunity, efficiency of kidney elasticity of muscles. Regular consumption of this supplies Vitamin A,B,C,D,E and maintains all the sensory organs in a healthy state. Gozaran is not recommended to use by persons suffering from Pitta (Hyperacidity). Gomutra being an antiseptic is useful to kill germs in the wound. Gomutra is a painkiller. If suffering from toothache them gargling with Gomutra is recommended. Its consumption reduces back ache and knee ache and when massaged reduces muscle pain.


Killing a bull is equivalent to killing a cow.                              
 (Jesus Christ)

Cow’s milk is tonic, its ghee is ambrosia and its meat is disease.                              
(Hazarat Mohamed)

Cow is the source of progress and prosperity.  In many ways it is superior to one’s mother.              
(Mahatma Gandhi)  

Cow protection is the eternal dharma of India              
(Dr. Rajendra Prasad, 1               st                               President of India)

One cow in its life time can feed 4,10,440 people once a day while its meat is sufficient only for 80 people.              
(Swami Dayanand Saraswati)

Till cows are slaughtered, no religious or social function can bring its fruit.              
(Devarah baba)

The first section of Indian Constitution should be on prohibition for Cow slaughter.              
(Madan Mohan Malviya)

The pressure of Muslims for cow slaughter is the limit of foolishness.                            

I have studied both Koran and Bible.According to both of them, to kill a cow even indirectly is a great sin.              
(Acharya Vinoba Bhave)

Since the cruel killing of cows and other animal have commenced, I have anxiety for the future generation.              
(Lala Lajpat Rai)

Kill me but spare the cow.                              
(Lokmanya Tilak)

According to me under the present circumstances, there is nothing more scientific and intelligent act than banning cow slaughter.                              
(Jai Prakash Narayan)

Cow is the God even of God.                              
(Shri Haridas Shastri)

We want to live in the world while being called as Hindus then we have to protect cows with all our might.              
(Shri Prabhudata Brahmachari)

The offensive act of British Rule towards cows will go down in the history as an abominable deed.                            
(Lord Lonlithgo)

Cow is the foundation of our economy.              
(Giani Zail Singh – Former President)

Neither Koran nor the Arabian Customs permit killing cow.              
(Hakim Ajamal Khan)


In ancient Indian scriptures, there exist many evidences of incarnation (Birth) of Cow . According to one of such, when God   BRAHMAJI       was drinking Nector (   AMRIT)       by one of his Four mouths, then the adjescent mouth emited froth and this proved a source of birth of cow popularly known as       SURBHI   . Also SURBHI , the heavenly cow was incarnated, when Gods and Demons were churning the ocean, Of the fourteen precious items one was cow . From this surbhi, a calf was produced named Kapila. The milk of this Kapila created ocean of Milk,       “Kshirsagar”   . From ancient times, the Aryans have immortalise the cow for human race. In Gita Srikrishna confirms that amongest all cows, I am       KAMDHENU   . God dwells in every part of cow’s body. In the scriptures the Goddess of prosperity       “LAXMI”       was in the form of cow and the dung of this cow produced a tree known as       BILVA   . King Raghu was unable to trace the       ASH       (remains of his forebears) of his sixty thousand ancestors owing to curse of       KAPILMUNI   , he requested his guru Vashistha . The guru with kindness and mercy put few drops of urine       (MUTRA)       of       Nandini-cow       in his eyes. By this King Raghu got divine eyesight, which helped him to identify the Ash (remains) of his ancestors. The Holy Ganges was asked to descend from heaven for salvation but there was reluctance on her part of descending owing to the ambigious nature of earthly race and she refused to come to mortal world. Ganges was assured that as the cow will come in touch with your water, your water will not become turbid. Hence the cow and Ganges are sacred for Hindu religion.