ऋषियों ने सर्वश्रेष्ठ और सर्वप्रथम किया जाने वाला धर्म गोसेवा को ही बताया है.


Together We Can

Protection of cows and bulls is possible only when cultured and pious minded citizens come forward to actively support the cause by their words, actions and wealth.

Gausewa Benefits

Offering respect to the Cow will help the devotee to diminish the reactions to his past sinful activities.

1.Serving of all the Gods and Goddesses

  • Gausewa or Gauraksha is beneficial in many ways for the well being of mankind. It is written in the scriptures of the Sanatan Dharma which we all follow that the Gaumata is a home of all the energies of the Universe , and therefore it is said that Gausewa results to serving of all the Gods and Goddesses at one time.

2.Save Gaumata

  • Call it the human specie or the nature around in the form of farm lands every bit has been nurtured by Gaumata and her lineage. Whatever our ancestors flousrished was due to the blessings of Gaumata in the form of milk and bullocks for land cultivation, so today it is our chance to return the Gaumata as now they are day in day out on the verge of their mere existence, we have to try our level best to make them survive.

3.Positive Blessings.

  • The cow is said as the most kind hearted innocent living being, which is why taking care of such a noble being shall dfeinately return positive blessings.

4.Gaumata blessings

  • When a Gaumata blesses a donor or sewak, she gifts the person and his/her family with spiritual, mental and physical wealth and good health. This is one of the foremost benefit of Gausewa.


  • The human being comes directly in contact with Godhead when the human being indulges in Gausewa.

6.They Protects Us

  • Physical touch of Gaumata helps the human being from many viruses and becteria.

7.Purify Your Wealth

  • The wealth spent after Gausewa benefits in purifying the remaining wealth that may have come from wrong sources of people, no matter how hard work one does but nobody knows how the opposite person has earned that wealth from, therefore it is utmost important to purify that wealth, which finally benefits the beholder when he/she does Gausewa.

8.Gauseva is best

  • What can be more beneficial when a human being selflessly takes care of a Gaumata by physical or financial way.
First of all lets Love the Cow as Sri Krishna did then derive the Maximum benefits from it to make the nation healthy, wealthy and wise from this Goshala